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Blockchain development services assist in the creation of decentralized blockchain networks, which increase data and transaction traceability and security while simultaneously reducing costs. Blocknize, a software development business, provides end-to-end blockchain application development services to assist product companies and non-IT organizations in developing dependable blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Architecture

Consensus and validation are inextricably linked to blockchain technology. This is what distinguishes it as new technology. It is optimized for a monetary system and uses the same structure on all nodes. A complete node client for the blockchain is publicly accessible for anybody interested in participating as a node. Its architecture is mainly distinguished in presentation, application, distributed computing, platform, and infrastructure.


  • User Interface


  • dApps
  • Digital Asset Transaction
  • Smart Contracts
  • Chaincodes


  • Transaction
  • Consensus
  • Replication
  • Security: Asymmetric Encryption, Hashing 


  • RCP
  • Rest API
  • Web API


  • Nodes
  • Storage 
  • Network

Blockchain Solution We Deliver

Private Blockchain Network

Permission-based ecosystems that are both secure and scalable, with the least amount of downtime. 

dApps (Decentralized apps)

Peer-to-peer programs that are encrypted and have no single point of failure and no downtime.

Smart Bond

Protocols that ensure the integrity of multi-party agreements and enforce specified commitments automatically.

Cryptocurrency wallets

Cryptocurrency digital wallets for storing and modifying (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, etc.).

Asset tokenization programs

Platforms that are decentralized and let users create, manage, and trade their tokens (including NFT platforms).

Blockchain Marketplace

Platforms enable peer-to-peer transactions between vendors and customers that are transparent and fraud-free.

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BlockNize Can Assist You With:

  • Blockchain Consulting: We strive to provide excellent consultancy services for blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain Development: We specialize in creating dApps per our client’s demands.

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BlockNize is prepared to give blockchain application development services in order to create dependable blockchain systems that improve data and transaction traceability, security, and processing speed.