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IoT - Internet of things

IoT services enable data from physical things to be aggregated and intelligently used for process automation and business insight. At Blocknize, we provide value-driven IoT solutions by establishing multi-level data pipelines ranging from edge computing to cloud data processing and data science.

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At Blocknize, we will assist you in collecting and accurately analyzing data from material things to alter your business operations.

IoT Solution We Deliver

App & Dashboard Development

Through graphs, charts, and other UI components, users may monitor and interact with connected devices.

Circuit & PCB Designing

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the core of practically every IoT device.

Industrial IoT

Growth and adoption of IoT across industries and applications.

Home Automation Solutions

IoT-enabled intelligent home automation systems track and regulate the attributes.

BMS- Building Management System

Back in the day, building management systems (BMS) were revolutionary.

Smart City Solution

Intelligent cities based on IoT technologies seek to boost economic development.

Smart Agriculture Solution

In IoT innovative farming systems, sensors are used to monitor and automate the irrigation system.

IoT Consultancy

IoT consulting helps businesses utilize IoT to improve operational efficiency.

Industry Solutions

IoT Solution We Offer

IoT Solution Development

IoT Consultancies

IoT System Management

IoT Projects By Blocknize

Prepare a Framework for Your IoT Project

After analyzing your business requirements, we will create a complete project plan that outlines the solution’s functional scope, the total cost of ownership, the timeline for MVP implementation, technical requirements, and expected business process changes.