Telecommunications software organizes and manages all elements of electronic data interchange (text, audio, video, and so on). Blocknize, a T-Mobile, Orange, and Viber software development partner with telecom software development experience, creates OSS, BSS, bespoke VoIP/IPTV software, and more.

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Operations Support Systems (OSS)

VoIP-based services

We have a lot of expertise in supplying VoIP solutions, so we know what we’re doing:


Our bespoke solutions allow you to manage numerous operations successfully:

Business Support Systems (BSS)

Our clients can manage their operations at pace with the shift and build new business models as the telecom sector continues to transform.

Systems for charging and billing

Subscribers will have immediate control over their plans and will use a variety of services. Operators will develop various pricing structures and customized offers for different consumer categories.

CRM systems

Customer account management includes tracking order history, channel activity, and response to promotions, among other things— and information on services and goods.

Self-service portals for customers

Secure, robust, and scalable; profile-based and tailored. Business systems, data analytic tools, and social media integration; mobile phone and tablet optimization

Data processing and reporting on a broad scale

We develop and execute data warehousing, which is the process of combining data from several sources into a single, fast, and secure database.

Corporate portals

Process automation, project and task management, corporate knowledge base, workforce management, and procurement management are all examples of business workflow automation.

Web and mobile apps

Increase company agility by developing a bespoke application suited to your requirements. It includes examples of Systems of mobile number portability and System for automating sales forces.

Modified VAS (Value Added Services) Software

We assist telecoms in expanding their offers by helping them with:

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