development process

At Blocknize, we customize the software development process to meet your unique business requirements. Moreover, we ensure that high-quality software is delivered on time and within budget.

Software Development Process Steps

  • Business analysis

    Using our business analytics, we extract your business requirements and prioritize them. Moreover, we help you develop a concept for your software.

  • Management of the software development process

    We create UX and UI for each project. Besides, we construct a future-proof architecture and execute coding, integration, and deployment processes.

  • QA & testing

    We maintain software quality via continuous testing. Besides, it begins with unit tests and code reviews our developers perform. Moreover, it ends with our QA team verifying functionality.

  • Risk management

    We identify and quantify risks associated with the project budget, timeline, cybersecurity, new technology, and staff. Moreover, we develop a risk mitigation strategy, and monitor hazards.

  • Change management

    Before each modification is implemented, we analyze the needed software changes with all stakeholders involved. Moreover, it determines how they will affect software business logic, and adjust it.

  • Project delivery

    Our clients get some essentials after the job is completed. Moreover, our clients have all intellectual property rights to the software they use.

Software Development Highlights

Consistent performance and quality

As a result of our 2008 implementation of a corporate quality management system and subsequent ISO 9001 accreditation. Besides, we can deliver projects that meet or exceed our clients' quality, timeliness, and budget requirements.

Self-management based on goals

We reduce the customer's management effort while maintaining high levels of transparency. Moreover, it also includes proactive risk management throughout the development process.

Knowledge base and clear documentation

Our clients have continual access to our task-tracking tools, such as Jira. Also, it includes knowledge base where we keep track of all project-related activity.

KPI-controlled projects

We use KPIs to track project health regularly, ensuring that the project is on track. Moroever, it allows and makes any adjustments to the development process.

Strong security

We guarantee the security of the clients' information we access during collaboration. Besides, it is based on 114 security procedures, Besides, it is as shown by the ISO 27001 accreditation.

Methods of practical cooperation

We prefer communication methods that are real-time and self-directed. Moreover, we strive to provide the best user experience to our clients.

Planning A Project To Make Software?

Blocknize assists in the rapid and reliable delivery of software of any complexity. Moreover, it takes place when a sustainable development methodology is in place.


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