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Software development services are used to create, engineer, maintain, and evolve many forms of software. BlockNize has been developing excellent software for retail, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and other sectors for decades, serving mid and large corporations and software product firms.

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The most common categories and kinds of software we supply are shown below. Explore the specialized pages by clicking the links.

Management of enterprise resources and processes

Customers' access to digital channels

Industrial solutions

Smart and connected solutions


Productivity and knowledge

Security and emergencies

Industry specialized software

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Banking & Finance





Oil & Gas

Benefits With Blocknize

Taking your budget restrictions seriously

We select programming languages and frameworks, architectural patterns, APIs, and other features based on a thorough evaluation of alternatives.

Deadlines are taken seriously.

Keeping track of delivery timeframes to fulfill deadlines is essential. We consider that potential delays should be communicated as soon as feasible.

Transparent service, backed up by frequent reports.

KPIs for the team and the project are met. In the case of the T&M pricing model, the current budget situation is actual versus planned, and the actual costs incurred plus revised estimates.

Retrospectives regularly

Revision of the project roadmap regularly. It is stated: business needs vs. current business needs; feasibility of requirements. Also, the value we bring vs. the highest possible value.

Developing a culture of continual improvement

We bring proactivity in new product additions, enhancements, and potential competitive advantages. Moreover, we pay attention to discussing details freely.

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