Transport & Logistics

Due to effective employee, vehicle, and order management, transportation management software improves a company’s business performance and enhances income. With route mapping, supply chain, and warehouse management capabilities, Blocknize creates specialized transportation management and logistics systems.

Are You Fed Up With Inefficient Transportation Management?

With a unique transportation management system from Blocknize, you can save fleet operating and management expenses, simplify route planning, speed up deliveries, and streamline communication and data reporting.

Why Blocknize?

Transportation Management Solutions We Create

Supply chain management

The supply chain management system ensures that commodities are delivered quickly and efficiently. Such solutions facilitate the implementation of supply chains, the administration of order shipment and distribution, the streamlining of logistics processes, and fleet management capability.

Warehousing and distribution

Our solutions give information on inventory management and storage facilities. They allow employees to handle inbound and outgoing shipments, supply storage and optimization, and document and assess inventory management performance.

Freight forwarding optimization

Custom logistics solutions aid in the automation of shipment procedures, eliminating the risk of human mistakes and secure and cost-effective freight delivery. The software gives forwarding agents and administrators various tools for messaging and quotation, billing and invoicing, and other tasks.

Advantages of Using BlockNize to Create Transportation Management Solutions

Observance of applicable legislation, such as the Federal Travel Regulation and the Federal Management Regulation.

Project management that is mature and tailored to the needs of the client.

Connection with current management systems, such as ERP and WMS.

Compatibility across several platforms.

 IT Can Help You Improve Your Transportation Management!

For you to experience more effective transportation processes, Blocknize’s fleet management team will design a custom transportation management application.


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