Retail IT services are aimed at increasing corporate productivity and establishing a fully customer-centric experience across both digital and physical sales channels. Our retail IT specialists have over decades of domain knowledge and provide specialized software solutions to the complete retail ecosystem.

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Our Expertise

Our technological capabilities span the whole retail software development life cycle.

Solutions We Deliver

Customer Service

We answer to this problem by assisting companies in providing consistent and individualized service – before, during, and after a transaction. Moreover, customers want a genuinely omnichannel experience in service.


We provide scalable solutions that suit customers' needs, make shopping more fun and safe, and provide operational data for marketing and sales.

Supply Chain

From manufacture to checkout, we provide real-time visibility into every stage of the supply chain. Inventory management, retail operations, and financials are all covered by automating your buying and selling procedures.

Business Intelligence and Data Analysis

We assist you in making educated decisions using data from your IT environment and consumer touchpoints. We utilize useful data to tap into consumer patterns and demand projections.

Computer Vision

To improve the level of customer service in retail, Blocknize develops unique image analysis systems. We recognize repeat consumers to provide them with customised offers.

Virtual Reality

Blocknize uses cutting-edge virtual reality technology to provide a one-of-a-kind and easy shopping experience, such as interactive virtual stores. Customers can explore it from anywhere utilizing popular VR platforms.

Information Security

We maintain the greatest level of information security. Besides, we can assist your company in implementing sophisticated security management.

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