Developing A Temperature Monitoring System For Trailer Trucks


The Customer is a prominent Western European logistics organization with third-party carriers.


The Customer was utilizing an available trailer truck monitoring system. The method did not allow for temperature and humidity monitoring within the freezers. While those parameters could be monitored using the refrigerators’ built-in sensors. The business hoped to cut technological breakdowns by monitoring temperature. Moreover, humidity swings inside the refrigerators. Because the Customer already had fleet management software in place, they opted to supplement it with a bespoke module.


Blocknize, a seasoned software development company, was picked to create the module.

BlockNize’s software engineers developed the solution for cargo temperature and humidity monitoring. The new solution had to be integrated into the Customer’s current vehicle management system. Moreover, a simple user interface had to be created.

The team at BlockNize proposed a client-server design It is done with Amazon’s AWS Cloud serving as the server. PHP and Symfony 2 were used in the creation of the web application. The data collected from the sensors was sent to the cloud through GPRS. The data gathering was done via a REST API.

The three primary functions of the new module were as follows:

  • Monitoring the condition of the shipment in real-time.
  • Delivery violations are alerting.
  • Advanced reporting features include the ability to see precise information about a delivery. It includes temperature, humidity, door opening and shutting, damaged packing, and so on.

If an automated alarm is triggered, the new module also allows contacting a driver to explain the situation. Carriers were able to react to concerns in real-time because of integrated reports and warnings.

A dashboard and a primary web-based user interface were created. Real-time notifications about the Customer’s products, cars, and equipment are on the dashboard.


A complete solution was created and executed . Customer sales increased due to the deployment of the new monitoring features. Moreover, carriers could lower the cost of rejected products by verifying the quality of delivery services.

The following are some of the system’s key characteristics and benefits:

  • Installation is simple on any refrigerator.
  • Simple or relocation to a new refrigerator.
  • The system’s functioning is autonomous.
  • Temperature and humidity in the vehicle and shutting of the refrigerator door are all within your control.
  • Because the new module is incorporated into the current program, it is more convenient.
  • Access to information about the condition of items .
  • The ability to keep track of the quality of the logistical services offered.
  • The ability of the Customer’s customers and workers to react in an emergency.

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Tools And Technologies

AWS Cloud, PHP, Symfony 2, AngularJS, and.NET WPF are some of the technologies used.

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